Here we outline the process to easily install Facebook Pixel on your website using the tools we have included with your website or changing the existing Pixel that we have installed for you.

First create a Business Manager Account or access your existing one.  If you have a Facebook page you can also access your Pixel settings from following any ad related link.

Once in your account you can find your Pixel code from the menu at the top of the screen, under “Events Manager”.

Now you will see the setup screen or a brief overview of your Pixel’s metrics. Go ahead and click on the title:

You will now see a button on the right-hand side of your screen where you can make changes to your Pixel:

Now select the middle option which will give you the ability to make any necessary changes.

Here you can click on any option you have chosen or on the main inclusion block itself and copy that to your clipboard:

Once you have the code in your clipboard head over to your WordPress admin and under “Appearance -> Custom Layouts” you will see a list of layouts and your Facebook Pixel layout will be clearly visible:

Click to edit the entry and find the metabox where you can place your code IMPORTANT: Ensure that you are entering script code into the code editor and not the normal WordPress TinyMCE text editor (You know you are in the code editor when line numbers appear on the left side of the text entry box) TIP: along with the script block, Facebook tells you which location the script should go, so find the corresponding hook and make sure it is placed correctly – this is normally at the bottom of the <head> tag or at the top of the <body> tag:

Now either overwrite your existing Facebook Pixel code or add a new one and remember to save your post. The options below should remain unchanged and if you need any help or have questions about the settings, please contact us through our contacts forms or our Live Chat feature at the bottom of our pages.

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