Activating your new website (deployment)

Hosting with US

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! This is the most exciting process of all – seeing your website live online.

Depending on whether you are hosting with us or independently, this process may differ. If you are hosting with us, all you need to do is to log into your account with your domain name registrar and edit your DNS settings. Some registrars name this function “Manage Domain Name”.

You will be required to specify two servers (nameservers). This is the information you will require:

Nameserver 1: Enter this information for nameserver 1

Nameserver 2: Enter this information for nameserver 2

These are not case-sensitive. Leave any additional nameserver input fields blank. Once this is done, internet traffic will be pointed towards your new website.


External Hosting

If we are migrating your website from our staging server following successful sign-off by the person authorized to sign off the website and your final payment has been received by us, we will deploy your new website to your existing host.  Normally, we will require FTP access credentials and host, database name, username and password details – or alternatively, access to your hosting panel to create a database.  If you have cPanel hosting, we will just require FTP access. Again, contact us if you require further clarification.


Contacting us

Should you need any help, we can be contacted by phone: (603) 380-6034 or via email.

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