Adobe launches CS5

As usual, a plethora of videos are available, all featuring mouth-wateringly “must have” features, that in reality you may never use.


As with any new tool in Photoshop, expect Content Aware Fill to be overused: A surfeit of tourist-free images of Machu Picchu will soon be littering Flickr. But beyond the novelty, it’s a truly useful touch-up tool that turns what used to be hours of work into a simple drag of the brush.

Adobe has done an impressive job of focusing not just on the whiz-bang features, but on how photographers, designers and digital artists spend their time using Photoshop, and how making small changes can speed up their workflows.

A visit to Adobe’s Creative Suite page full of eye candy awaits. In addition, if you get in by the end of May, Adobe will ship to you for FREE.


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